The Holidays Are a Time for Family.

Healthy families are the best medicine for adolescent problems, and we often hear from families after treatment has completed.

One mom, Tricia, told us about the changes she saw in her daughter Kelsey after MDFT:

"She has been actively participating with our family, behaving well and respectfully, does household chores and offers to do things like watch the boys for me. Kelsey seems happier, has less "edge" and rude commentary in general. She can be easily redirected. She is actively looking for a job and is considering options to finish HS. She is back to the funny, bossy (in a much better way!) girl she used to be. I enjoy her again. We can do things together and even disagree in an adult way without the drama of the past.... She has revealed much to me and we have become much closer."

Read Tricia's whole letter here.


Parents and teens talk about their experience with MDFT:

Internet Gaming Disorders (IGD)
Researchers from the European INCANT Study are collaborating with MDFT International again on an exciting new  project to treat Internet Gaming Disorders using the MDFT model framework.


"It Saves the State a Whole Lot of Money"
Robyn Anderson, Program Director of over two
dozen MDFT programs in the State of Connecticut

"The Cavalry is Coming"
Judge Orlando Prescott
Miami, FL