3 Training Programs

   MDFT Introductory Workshop

An MDFT Introductory Workshop is a great way to learn the basics of MDFT. With a workshop, an MDFT trainer visits your agency, professional organization, or other group for a 2-day MDFT training. The Training can be tailored to your particular interests and agency needs. For example, your agency may feel the need for more training or specialization in substance abuse issues with teens. Alternatively, your program may be quite strong as a substance abuse provider but feel greater need for a focus on how to bring a family perspective to address substance abuse therapeutically. We would explore your individual interests ahead of the Intensive and in follow-up calls.

Cost: $6,000 for group of up to 35 people, plus trainer travel to your agency

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Agency-based teams of clinicians can do full implementation of the MDFT model and earn certification as therapists and supervisors. Therapist certification takes roughly 6 months, and supervisor certification is an additional 4-6 months. At least one therapist must be selected to go on to supervisor training. Upon completing this training, agencies maintain MDFT certification with annual quality assurance activities (on-site booster training each year).

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    Train-the-Trainers (available only to certified agencies)

Agencies that complete certification training can participate in the Train-the-Trainers (TTT) Program, wherein promising certified MDFT supervisors can go on to earn certification as an in-house MDFT Trainer. These trainers can train any new therapists and provide ongoing program support to their MDFT teams, reducing program costs substantially. TTT is an excellent way to increase program sustainability. Please note that in-house MDFT Trainers can only train new therapists, not new supervisors.

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For MDFT training in Europe, contact Stichting Jeugdinterventies (Youth Interventions Foundation) by emailing them at: info@stichtingjeugdinterventies.nl