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Implementing and sustaining the Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT) program involves training therapists and supervisors. The goal is to implement MDFT in a manner that promotes clinical excellence and self-sustaining teamwork while at the same time requiring minimal input from MDFT trainers on an ongoing basis.

In the MDFT clinical system, there are three levels of staff: therapist, supervisor, and trainer. Certification requirements at one level must be met before promotion to the next level. Thus, every trainee, regardless of previous family therapy training or years of experience treating adolescents, begins training as a therapist. Each trainee may move to the next level within the MDFT system based on clinical competence and attainment of certification requirements as designated by MDFT International, Inc.

MDFT training promotes excellence and teamwork.

Craig Lambdin, MDFT Trainer in Riverside, CA
"How and why we selected MDFT"

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in Multnomah County, OR
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