Front: Elda Kanski-Velasco, Jessica Marchena-Blanco, Gayle Dakof
Rear: JC Gonzalez, Linda Alberga, Cindy Rowe, Howard Liddle, Lissette Colon-Perez

National and International Trainers

Sandra Arguelles; Manchester, Connecticut, USA
Janny Boskamp; The Netherlands
Adriana Bugarin; Pasadena, California, USA
Lissette Colon-Perez; Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Sylvia Cool; Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Gayle Dakof; Miami, Florida, USA
Stephanie DiPaola; East Haven, Connecticut, USA
Andreas Gantner; Berlin, Germany  
Alison Gensic; Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Juan Carlos Gonzalez; Miami, Florida, USA
Katie Hagen; Tampa, Florida, USA
Eva Kaptijin; The Hague, The Netherlands
Shazia Kareem; Middlefield, Connecticut, USA
Alessandra Marotti; Tampa, Florida, USA
Jessica Marchena; Boca Raton, Florida, USA
Kees Mos; The Hague, The Netherlands
Megan Negron; Miami, Florida, USA
Phillip Nielsen; Geneva, Switzerland
Stacy Oliver; Miami, Florida, USA
Olivier Phan; Paris, France
Doris Perdomo-Johnson; Miami, Florida, USA
Phillip Racies; Portland, Oregon, USA
Cindy Rowe; Berkley, California, USA
Patrick Spapen; Brussels, Belgium
Birgit Spohr; Berlin, Germany
Margriet Van den Houten; The Netherlands
Kris VanGerwen; Antwerp, Belgium
Elda Velasco; Coral Gables, Florida, USA
Henno Verdam; Leiden, The Netherlands
Paula Witt; Madison, Wisconsin, USA

MDFT trainers at the 2019 Trainers' Meeting in Miami, FL

Agency-Based and Regional Trainers

Laura Almond, University of Wisconsin Hospitals & Clinics; Madison, WI
Agnes Ammirati, Hope For Youth; Amityville, NY
Adriana Bugarin, D'Veal Family and Youth Services; Pasadena, CA
Andrea Dickerson, Youth Standing Strong (YSS); Ames, IA
Chrissy Flathers, Youth Standing Strong (YSS); Ames, IA
Cynthia Green, University of Wisconsin Hospitals & Clinics; Madison, WI
Jenny Ingram, Arbor Place; River Falls, WI
Renee Lesti, Lincoln Families; Pittsburg, CA
Jenn Miller, Outside In; Greensburg, PA
Nicole Moore, Exchange Family Service; Durham, NC
Patty Myers, Riverside County Department of Mental Health; Riverside, CA
Jennifer Re, Lincoln; Pittsburgh, CA
Rafaela Velado, D'Veal Family and Youth Services; Pasadena, CA
Vanessa Vaziri, University of Wisconsin Hospitals & Clinics; Madison, WI